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    About the Artist

    Jennifer Ivory
    Corvallis, Oregon

    Former architect, now full-time bug enthusiast!

    After years of collecting real insects I grudgingly caved in to peer pressure and gave it up.

    Still wanting to collect, I turned my hand to making colored pencil drawings and card stock models of bugs.  Over the years I have refined my techniques and now use illustration ink, watercolor, acrylic, heavy coated art papers, transparency film, feathers and many other materials to achieve the high degree of realism my creations reflect today. People often believe my paper insects are quite real, necessitating my somewhat humorous disclaimers that no insects were harmed in the making of the artwork!

    There is something intriguing and sublime about the world of insects...their industry and adaptability; their often stunning appearance. I have found that if I take time to look closely there is an amazing breadth of beauty and astonishing capability waiting to be admired.

    I have been exhibiting my artwork for about 11 years now and the response has been wonderful.  I really enjoy hearing the surprise in peoples voices & seeing the smiles on their faces when they first see my bugs.  Often memories are triggered and a story ensues!

    I sincerely hope my artwork inspires people to pause for a moment every now and then and smile in wonder at a dragonfly or a beetle or, say, a spectacular spider web.  They're truly worth Seeing.